Home Owners

No one knows your home as well as you do. Appliances not working? Lights flicker? Drip  now steady stream? Lighting improvements? Security and AV needs? Get a quote

Rental Owners

Resort-area short-term rental-Units are highly competitive. Condition of your Rental directly effects its marketability and ability to generate income. Keep it in top shape.




Lighting Design

The most cost-effective way to showcase any property.Theatrical-design will turn structures and landscape into a Work of Art. Likewise, Interior Lighting can be far more than mere illumination.

AV Systems

Digital technologies are a fact of modern living. Entertainment AV systems look and sound best if properly designed and correctly installed.

Check in/ Check-out

A unique service similar to Room Inspectors in Hotels: Walk-through  checks all the faucets, drains, toilets, ceiling fans,  and includes bulb replacement. $35


A monthly checklist that includes 'zipping' all drains, lubricating valves and hinges, outdoor Lanai Grill fire-box cleaning  and  hand-rub oil for exterior woods. $60

Lanai Grill Cleaning - 35% Discount !!!

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